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Double 9 Patch Tutorial

I’ve been promising this for several weeks, and I hope the final result isn’t a letdown…

small9patchI want to start by saying that I have no illusions about the originality of this pattern.  This is a Double 9 Patch, folks, and it has been around forever and a day.  What I want to share with you is the MATH that I did to figure out the yardage and details for this particular version of this quilt.  I’ve made (or helped others make) several of these lately, and since I went to the work to do the math, I thought others might be interested, for a time when they need a simple, but effective quilt.  And for some day in the future when I want to make another one and don’t want to have to RE-figure out the math…

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Free pattern, take two

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After thinking about it some more, I decided to do the whole free pattern a little differently.

Instead of making you go through the shopping cart, I’m just going to link directly to it here and let you have it.

Free Pinata Booty Pattern

The pattern is still available for free from the shopping site, but you can simply click the link above and get your copy!

If you do download the pattern, would you consider posting a link to the Knots & Bolts blog ( on your blog (if you have one?)?

No strings are attached, but I’d appreciate it if you’d help spread the word about my new blog and shop!
Thanks and have a great day!!


Pinata Booty

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In honor of Traer’s 2008 Winding Stairs Festival (Fiesta on 2nd Street), I designed a fun, simple quilt using some really cute Candy print fabric (plus a stack of great bright fat eighths).

You might have noticed this one hanging in the front window in the shop tour I posted below — along with a Pinata!  I figured this is the sort of “booty” that quilters would like to see tumble out of their Pinata!

The quilt is available as a kit, which includes the pattern and the fabric needed to make the quilt top (plus binding!).  The backing is not included, but we have a bunch of the candy fabric (the tossed candy, plus the candy stripes in white or purple) in stock (and at a great price!).  You would need 3.5 yards (or a quantity of 7 half-yards in the shopping cart) in order to piece a back for this lap-sized quilt.

Pinata Booty Quilt Kit

I’ve also made the pattern available as a FREE download!  You do have to add the pattern to your shopping cart, and go through the checkout process to get it, but it’s pretty easy to do (plus it is free!).

Pinata Booty Free Pattern (via the shopping cart)

The pattern is available directly from here, so you don’t have to go through the Knots & Bolts shopping cart:

Free Pinata Booty Pattern (direct PDF download)

The quilt is a very easy log cabin variation, and the pattern would work with Jelly Rolls, too!  Fun for kids — of all ages!  The finished quilt measures 55 by 65, making it a great candidate for a Quilt of Valor, as well.