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Sherry’s Wildflower quilt

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I have a bunch of pictures of a quilt I just finished that I want to share, but I’m trying to experiment with the best way to share them.

I’m showing you a mosaic, and if you click on the mosaic, it’ll take you to my Flickr page, where you can see all of the photos in full format. When you are looking at the photos in the collection, you can click on the words “ALL SIZES” that appears above each photo, which will show you larger versions of the photo.

This is a quilt that I just finished for a customer — it’s a very beautiful machine embroidered quilt with a variety of different wildflowers.

The quilting includes lots of ruler work, as well as a variety of freehand leaf motifs.  If you have any questions, post a comment, either here or on the photos over on Flickr.

Sherry's Wildflowers mosaic

If you are looking for someone to machine quilt your project, I hope you’ll keep me in mind!  I do mail order and can provide quotes and designs via e-mail.

Thanks for looking!



Daisy, daisy Part 2

Still needs to be bound, but it came off the quilting machine just a little bit ago:

Daisy, full view

Daisy, detail 1

Daisy, detail 2

Daisy, detail 3

Daisy, detail 4

Daisy, detail 5

Daisy, detail 6

Now, I need to make another one, so I can keep it.  And then one for my sister.  And one for my sister-in-law and….



Lots of ruler work!

I’ve procrastinated on this piece a bit, because I knew just how much ruler work it was going to take.  It could be put off no longer, though, and is in progress.  I still have a fair bit to go, though it feels like I’ve done about a million of these blocks.  (I’ve done 11 and have 5 to finish).  Then the sashing.  The border is done.

Applique block detail

The embroidered blocks are exquisite. I can only hope my work does justice to it.

What are you working on today?  I hope it is something that brings you pleasure.




This quilt was done before Christmas, but I’m just now getting photos of it shared. This charming thing was appliqued by the maker when she was 8 years old. She is now in her 80s. She was going to throw it out, but her daughter rescued it, and it will be given to a great-granddaughter. The maker is just horrified by it — it is not well pieced, and much of the applique stitching needed to be repaired. There are even places were holes were darned and patches added on top.

Doesn’t matter, though, because it is very sweet.

butterfly quilt full view

I quilted it “as is” — warts and all.

butterfly quilt detail

The butterflies and border have a wiggly stitch in the ditch treatment.


The sashing and border is a freehand design, I drew in the main spine, and then freehanded the feathery flowers, leaves and curls.

butterfly quilt detail

Thanks for looking!


p.s.  if you click on a photo, it should take you to the Flickr photo page, and you can view it in a slightly larger format.  in theory.


Lucky Stars!

Those of you that are members of MQResource may have already seen these this morning.  I finished this quilt yesterday, it had been started back before Christmas.  Isn’t it bright and cheerful?

Lucky Stars full view

Lucky Stars quilt detail

Lucky Stars quilt detail

Lucky Stars quilt detail

Lucky Stars back

Lucky stars back


Kimono Quilt, done

The full size picture isn’t great (nor does it actually show the entire quilt), but hopefully it gives you enough of an idea of the look of the quilt.

Aren’t these little kimonos adorable?  The blocks area  combination of piecing and applique.

You can still see some remnants of my purple air erasable marker.  I marked lots of registration and guidelines to keep me organized.

I really struggled with what to put in the green triangles around the kimonos.  I wanted to frame them, but not overpower them.  But didn’t want to underquilt.  Or clash with what I had chosen for the sashing.  In the end, the simple Continuous Curve won the debate, and I’m happy with the final result.

Now, to finish that second double nine patch (the top is done, but the quilting is waiting) and then I’m ALMOST done with the must-be-done-before-Christmas-quilting.

I also have a fun last-minute project for a customer that I’ll try to share later, too, as I think some of you  might be interested in it, not necessarily as a Christmas present, but maybe for those high school graduations coming up next Spring!




Almost done…

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I’m not positive, but I think this particular quilt is taking me forever.

I’m still not done, but I’m close — just have to finish the outside border across the top, plus the other sides of both green borders.

The quilt is adorable, but the kimono blocks are smallish (and there are 28 of them), so it has taken awhile to do all of the blocks and sashing.

I’m almost done with my last double 9 patch (and thus the tutorial) and hope to get that posted tomorrow.  If I can get this quilting done…

Until then — happy quilting!