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Double 9 Patch Tutorial

I’ve been promising this for several weeks, and I hope the final result isn’t a letdown…

small9patchI want to start by saying that I have no illusions about the originality of this pattern.  This is a Double 9 Patch, folks, and it has been around forever and a day.  What I want to share with you is the MATH that I did to figure out the yardage and details for this particular version of this quilt.  I’ve made (or helped others make) several of these lately, and since I went to the work to do the math, I thought others might be interested, for a time when they need a simple, but effective quilt.  And for some day in the future when I want to make another one and don’t want to have to RE-figure out the math…

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Starting to Look like something

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(this is part of a post that originally appeared on my personal blog)

Mark looks sort of scowly and serious in this one, I hadn’t even intended to catch him, he just happened to be walking by.  And he wasn’t really scowly.  He was quite happy in fact, because he’s been waiting for weeks for me to bring quilts down so we could hang them up.

And yes, those are plastic margarita cups on the counter.  Opening day coincides with the town festival, whose theme is Fiesta.  Thus, the cups (with yarn, no margaritas here, sorry.  But the beverage tent will have drinks…)

More window dressing needs to be done, but we did get curtain rods up and stuck these quilts in the window.  I tried to go buy a Pinata that will go in the window on the right.  Unfortunately, the second I stepped inside the party store, the lights went out.  A somewhat terrifying thunderstorm blew through just as we were getting to the store.  I wish the power had stayed on, so we could have waited it out in the store.  As it was, we sat in the truck.  It was pretty impressive, if you like that sort of thing.  The boys were not thrilled.  They hate thunderstorms.

Although, we were treated to an amazing double rainbow afterwards.  The one was really bright and we could see the whole arc.  There was a second fainter one of which only a smaller part was visible.

No pinata, plus, we had just purchased some peg board at Lowe’s, which was sitting in the back of the pickup truck.  We had used some plastic wrap to wrap up as much as we could, but when the wind is blowing the rain sideways, there is no way the truck cover is going to keep the water out.  It didn’t appear that the pegboard got too wet, but we still have to check on it today to see if we are going to have to cut some of it off.

Better get to work.  Have a great Sunday!



it’s like christmas

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a whole load of yarn from Cascade Yarns arrived today.


my children were more impressed by the big boxes it came in.

now, we just need to get it all entered into the computer, priced and organized on the shelves!  oh, and some samples made, too.

i started a dishcloth tonight with some cotton yarn.  it’s awfully nice to work with!


Getting Started

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Some people might think I’ve gone a little crazy, but at least I’m having fun.  This blog is going to be all about my adventures in opening a small shop — we are going to be selling yarn, fabric, and other fun stuff.  Classes, kits, and other fun events are in the works.

We’re starting small, but we have big plans and can’t wait until the doors open, so that people can come have fun with us!