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Fall Trimmings

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I meant to take (and post) pictures of the shop windows last week…but never managed to get outside with my camera.  I wish I had done it last week instead of today — brrr!  It has sure turned cold here in Central Iowa!

The picture isn’t that great, I think I need to try it when the light is different, to see if I can get one without all of the reflections in the window.  The wallhanging at the top of the window is something my Mom made several years ago — a row of really cute pumpkins!

The local Boy Scouts have been selling pumpkins for the past several weekends, and 2 weeks ago I wandered over and bought the big ones you see in the picture — I thought they’d be just perfect to display our growing collection of hat samples.  Mom’s been making hats like crazy, and we’re all going to need those hats here pretty soon.  If you’d like to make your own knitted hat, I hope you’ll check out our yarn selection!  Many of the patterns she has been using are free, and we can direct you to them!

Here’s the other window — again, sorry for the reflections in the glass!

The quilt is Granny’s Jam from the book Laps From Fats.

The bags are Laurel Burch bags — those will be on the shop site here shortly (and I’ll come back and add a link when they are available).  I know a lot of people think of her cat bags, but there some really cute DOGS, too.

And I can see from looking at the picture that I need to repair the fabric wrapped pole again!  Sheesh, I thought I had that all cleaned up!


Sock Knitting with Mary Ann — October Class

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Yummy socks!

If you’ve ever wanted to learn how to knit socks (and you live near Traer…) – here is your chance!

Join Mary Ann for 4 sessions to learn all the ins and outs of knitting socks.

You’ll use a heavier yarn and larger needles to get started.  If you can knit and purl, you can learn to knit socks!

Class fee is $20.  Supplies are extra, but participants get 10% off yarn and notions needed for class!

You will be working with Size 6 needles, either 2 circulars or a set of DPNs, and you’ll need Worsted Weight yarn.  We are recommending our Cascade 220 Superwash, and you’ll want to buy 2 skeins, but only wind one, as you may need not the 2nd, depending on the size you make.

Class Starts October 11, 2008, 9AM to 11AM

To sign up or if you have questions, please call (319-478-2049), visit (549 2nd St, Traer)  or e-mail Suzanne


What’s new (well, what isn’t new?)

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See that’s the trouble as I’ve tried to think about what to highlight on the blog, here.  Everything’s new, so where do I start!

I’ve decided to start with an overview of everything, just to give you a general idea of what we’ve got and where we are headed!


All of the fabric at Knots & Bolts is 100% cotton quilt shop quality fabric.

A very few bolts are priced at $4.50 per half yard — right now that’s just the Maywood Studios fabric.

We’ve got several colors of their Shadowplay fabrics, and some of the Cottage Garden by Willowberry Lane fabrics (the rest is still on order!)  The Shadow Play line is a nice line of a marbled texture — almost solid, but not quite.  Cottage Garden has a very pretty floral focal piece, the scan doesn’t even do it justice:

Cottage Garden by Willowberry Lane

The rest of the fabric?  If you’ve been to the site, you know:  it’s only $2.49 per half yard!  (That’s $4.98 per yard…)  Once upon a time, it all sold for $8 or $9/ yard, but I have found a source for closeout fabric, which is how I’m able to sell these older fabrics (that are still great quality) at such a great price.

Right now you can look at the whole swath of fabrics at one go:  Value Fabric, or you can view it by Color or by Manufacturer.  As we get more fabric, we’ll start adding Theme categories, too, so you’ll be able to look at all of our florals, or all of the Christmas fabric.

One last special deal to mention about the fabric:  if you like to collect fat quarters, you can order one of our Baker’s Dozen fat quarter bundles — let us pick out 13 fat quarters from our collection, and you can have 13 for the price of 12! If you order more than one bundle, we’ll make sure you don’t get any duplicates!


We’ve got so much yummy yarn.  I haven’t been much of a knitter until lately, but right now, I’m salivating over the yarn.  I’m ready to make something in every single color and fiber.

You can browse our yarns by color, by fiber, by manufacturer or by weight.

Most of our yarn comes from Cascade.

Our 100% wool staple yarn is Cascade 220.  This is the yarn that is top of the charts at Ravelry.  We have 55 colors in stock, and there are over 200 colors available.  If we don’t have the color you want, we’ll gladly order it!  This yarn felts beautifully, has a nice, consistent texture and even color.

We have a number of great sock yarns, including some from Cascade, Opal, King Cole and Brown Sheep Company.  Here’s a look at my favorite.  I could just eat this up.  This is Heritage Sock Yarn, in a handpainted version called Aqua Sol:

Our most exotic yarn is called Pastaza.  It’s a Llama/Wool blend. This color is called Ruby.

There’s more, of course — I could keep going for pages, but I’m probably wearing you out.

Notions and Patterns

But I can’t wrap this up with drawing your attention to our notions category, which includes knitting needles from Inox and Clover, as well as Boye crochet hooks, and a variety of other necessities for knitting/crochet and sewing.

We don’t have a lot of patterns and books yet, but we do have a few — we’ve got some knitting, some quilting, as well as some other crafts, plus more on the way, soon!


Well, if you’ve made it this far, I thank you for staying with me!  Most of you who are reading right now have probably already seen a coupon, but this one is special for those of you actually reading the new blog, and it’s a much shorter term:

15% off your order of $25 or more (before sales tax and shipping), good only until August 21, 2008!  Use promo code: BLOG0821

And really, the coupon shouldn’t be a secret — tell all of your friends, who doesn’t like a sale?!?

Happy quilting, knitting, crocheting or whatever else you like to do!


it’s like christmas

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a whole load of yarn from Cascade Yarns arrived today.


my children were more impressed by the big boxes it came in.

now, we just need to get it all entered into the computer, priced and organized on the shelves!  oh, and some samples made, too.

i started a dishcloth tonight with some cotton yarn.  it’s awfully nice to work with!