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Halloween Sale

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Today only — everything in the shop is 15% off, no promo code needed!
Happy Halloween!


Fall Trimmings

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I meant to take (and post) pictures of the shop windows last week…but never managed to get outside with my camera.  I wish I had done it last week instead of today — brrr!  It has sure turned cold here in Central Iowa!

The picture isn’t that great, I think I need to try it when the light is different, to see if I can get one without all of the reflections in the window.  The wallhanging at the top of the window is something my Mom made several years ago — a row of really cute pumpkins!

The local Boy Scouts have been selling pumpkins for the past several weekends, and 2 weeks ago I wandered over and bought the big ones you see in the picture — I thought they’d be just perfect to display our growing collection of hat samples.  Mom’s been making hats like crazy, and we’re all going to need those hats here pretty soon.  If you’d like to make your own knitted hat, I hope you’ll check out our yarn selection!  Many of the patterns she has been using are free, and we can direct you to them!

Here’s the other window — again, sorry for the reflections in the glass!

The quilt is Granny’s Jam from the book Laps From Fats.

The bags are Laurel Burch bags — those will be on the shop site here shortly (and I’ll come back and add a link when they are available).  I know a lot of people think of her cat bags, but there some really cute DOGS, too.

And I can see from looking at the picture that I need to repair the fabric wrapped pole again!  Sheesh, I thought I had that all cleaned up!


Wool Felt Checkbook Cover Tutorial

This weekend is the Gals and Pals Event in Traer — it’s a ladies day out — complete with shopping, food, make and take projects, and lots of fun!

The theme this year is Handbag Holiday — and all of the stops during the day are handbag related.  Here at Knots & Bolts, we’ll be making checkbook covers out of wool felt.

I was cutting rectangles of wool felt, and thought I’d take a couple of pictures and post a really quick tutorial on how I made them — they are super-simple!

To start:  cut a rectangle of wool felt.  I’m cutting mine 7.25 inches by 12.75 inches.  I measured my checkbook cover and added a little bit ease and seam allowance.  It would be easy to adjust yours to fit if your checkbook is smaller or larger!

I’m using my new Bohin Mechanical Pencil to mark some guidelines.   The pencil has an eraser, but I’ve found that the marks just brush away with a little bit of rubbing with a fingernail.

The guidelines are marked 2.5 inches in from each short end and in the center.

The guides are to show you were to fold to make the pockets and also to define the space that you are going to decorate!

Next, gather up your supplies for decoration.  This weekend, I’m offering the participants several options:

I’ve got supplies for simple wool felt appliques, embroidery floss, buttons, beads and wool roving for needle felting.

This is the fun part!  Have a good time and be creative adding whatever decoration you can think of!

I’ve only decorated the front of my checkbook cover, but you can do front and back as you choose.  Just remember to stay within the guidelines that you defined in the first step.

Here are some examples:

You’ll notice an abundance of my favorite color (red!) in these examples…that’s why that last one is some brights to give some other ideas!!

When you are decorating, it’s time to fold the pockets to the inside (wrong sides together) and pin them in place.

Take them to your sewing machine and sew a quarter inch seam on each side of the checkbook cover, remember to backstitch and lock the stitches and the beginning and end of the seams.

Because this made of wool felt, the seam allowances are on the outside, the felt is not going to fray

And that’s all there is to these checkbook covers!!  If you have any questions or need clarifications on any of my pictures, please send me an e-mail — as I said before, this is a very quick tutorial, put together in just a few minutes.

Happy Sewing!!


Quilt Dash Hint!

Quilt Dashers!  Is the hint on the home page not quite enough?

Here’s another hint — my favorite color is red!

And make sure you scroll all the way over to the right of your screen if you have the option to scroll!


Quilt Dash plus new sale section

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My clock says it is almost October 15th, which means the Quilt Dash is almost ready to start!

Check out my previous post for all of the details!

As I was getting the shop spiffed up and ready for the Quilt Dash, I created a new sale section, and put some fabric and patterns on sale — remember, most of my fabric is closeout fabric, and once it is gone…it’s really gone…so you might want to keep an eye out in case something cool hits the Sale section of the shop!!

If you want a large quantity of a fabric, you might want to drop me a note via e-mail, or give me a call to have me check what’s on the bolt!

Visit the Contact Us page to find my e-mail or phone number!


Quilt Dash!

Knots & Bolts is participating in a Quilt Dash — October 15 through November 15!  The idea, of course, is to visit a bunch of shops that you might not have visited before. You will also receive a free issue of a very special, exclusive publication designed and created by Cotton Spice Quilting Magazine! And every member who completes a Quilt Dash, receives a FREE quilted pattern!

In the end, if you visit all of the quilt shops that are part of the Quilt Dash that you enter, your name will be dropped into the Quilt Dash basket and you have a chance to win prizes!

I hope you consider joining in the fun!


Click to enlarge images!

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I’ve just been informed by someone browsing the shop website that when she clicked on images to view the enlarged version, she was just getting a blank page, instead of the enlarged image.

Gosh darn it.

It appears to be an issue with Internet Explorer, as the images display properly when I use Firefox.

I am really sorry for the inconvenience!!  I have submitted a ticket to my shopping cart customer support, and hope they’ll be able to help me get it fixed as soon as possible.  In the meantime, if there is a particular fabric you are interested in, and want to see a larger picture of, please drop me a note, and I’d be happy to send you larger images.