Simple pleasures

Look at what the UPS Guy just brought!

I’ve been using a mat that was 23 by 35, and finally decided it was time to get one that extended past a full yard in length (ya think?)

I hadn’t done it sooner, because all of the larger mats I had seen were not just longer, but also wider, and as you can see, I don’t have room…(the counters I use are actually intended as garage/manly workbenches.  Got them froM Sam’s Club, they are awesome.  The top is two inch thick Maple, and so pretty.  Wait.  Not pretty.  Very Manly. Very Sturdy.)

I had thought about just getting a second 23 by 35 mat, but the corners are rounded, and I’d have to deal with measuring and number across the gap.

I saw this set on my distributor’s website a week or so ago and decided to get it — it’s actually two mats that butt up against each, and the numbering continues from one mat onto the other.

I’m not sold on the clips they sent to hold the mats together, though.  I’m thinking I might have to get some tape involved in order to hold them together.  The screws on those clips look like something I’m going to scrape myself on about a million times a day.  Know thyself, right?

Thanks to everyone that has visited me here, I hope you’ll find it interesting enough to keep coming back.


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  1. TeriDecember 12th, 2008