Faux Applique — another new project!

Just what I needed today, more new projects…

Look at what the UPS guy just brought:

I have had the privilege of actually having met Helen — one night at MQS (2006?) she did a little workshop on her Colorque technique for a few lucky souls.  We were in the lobby of the hotel we were staying at — I remember the lighting leaving something to be desired, and I think that some of the girls were drinking and being a little bit rowdy, making it hard for Helen to actually teach us anything, but she did, and we had fun, and somewhere, the little sample I did is still sitting, waiting for me to do something with it.

Her new book, Faux Applique was just released by  the American Quilter’s Society, and it is a very beautiful book.  I’ve flipped through it once, and can’t wait to look again more thoroughly.

It is full of eye candy, and what make it all even more fun is the fact that I’ve met Helen’s wonderful sister, Tracey, too.  In fact, Tracey has actually BEEN to Traer, Iowa.  Her husband is a farmer (albeit in Australia!) and spent several hours with my father-in-law while Tracey and some Iowa quilters had a visit at my house.  The combination of Tracey’s exquisite machine quilting with Helen’s beautiful color work makes for a very drool-worthy book!

The book is available in the shop, click the picture above to learn more about it (and get your copy!).

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