School Letter Banners

Ack!  Busy, busy, busy — sewing and stuff, and updating the blog with that stuff hasn’t made it to the top fo the mental to-do list.

I mentioned a day or so ago a project I was working on for a customer, and I’m finally done and have pictures:


Apparently, kids (around here) these days don’t wear letter jackets, and so their Varsity Letters have nowhere to hang out.  (I’m shocked.  On Smallville the athletes all wore their letter jackets, so I assumed that Kids These Days still did that.  That’ll teach me to get my learnin’ from the box with the moving pictures…)


My customer had me make two of these.  Oon eof the boys just has the Sports Letter, the other also has music insignia.

Twenty years ago, when my husband went to school here, they got a separate Jazz Band insignia, so when I make one of these for him, I’ll have to make it bigger.  (He didn’t get a letter jacket, either.  Apparently the North Tama jackets are wool with leather sleeves and he told his Mom not to bother, since he didn’t want to mess with having to take care of a leather jacket.  Practical, even at an early age.  Me?  I would haven’t asked for the jacket and then cursed about the sleeves the whole time.  *My* school jacket was all wool.  Haven’t the slightest clue where it ended up…)

As it is, these banners are big enough that they can pin on whatever other medals they receive, or add on their numbers for their graduation year.

They were pretty simple to make.  I drew the triangle out first on the white muslin (our school colors are Red and White).  The top end of the triangle is approximately 16 inches.  The length is 24 inches, as measured from the center of the top to the bottom point.

The quilting was done in a 1inch grid.  I drew the entire grid out on the muslin with a wash-out marker before tsitching, in order to make sure it was as accurate as possible.  I did the stitching on my longarm quilting machine, but this could be pretty easily done on a sewing machine with a walking foot.

I chose to do a double-fold binding.  The mitered corners were…interesting, but they seemed to turn out pretty well.

I did add a small hanging sleeve to the backs of these, though I’m not sure how my customer is planning on hanging them.  I think they could use some additional embellishment (i.e a tassel hanging off the bottom), but these were for boys and she wanted plain (and I don’t blame her…).

All the materials were out of my stash — if you were to purchase new for this project, you’d need 1 yard for the banner, plus 1/4 yard for the binding.

I think that’s all for tonight — double nine patch tutorial tomorrow — I promise!

Happy Holidays!


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