Shop Tour

How about a tour of the shop!

Coming in the front door looking straight ahead:

Turn to your right:

Turn to your left and walk into the next room:

On the opposite wall:

Through the divider to the next area, on the right:

And on the other wall:

Through the doorway into the Hall of Notions:

Opposite the notions (looking at it from the other end of the hallway):

Into the Classroom aka Drop-In Knitting Lounge (from the doorway looking in):

More of the Knitting Lounge:

The Longarm Quilting Room:

One more view of the yarn area in the front of the shop (the door to the longarm room is on the left,  just beyond ladybug wallhanging.

A lot of what’s on the walls right now are things that my Mom and I have made over the years, hanging so that the walls are covered.  As time goes on those will hopefully fill up with lots of samples from shop patterns and fabric!

Stay tuned for future posts in which I’ll highlight various fabrics,  yarns, patterns and books that are available in the shop!

Have a great weekend!


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