When my Mom started making socks, I didn’t quite get it.

I mean, socks are just socks, right? You can buy them in a pack of 6 for not a whole lot of dough. And then when they wear out you just buy a new pack of 6 and start allover again.
And then she made me a pair.

And I was an instant convert.

Some day, my knitting skills might be up to the task, but for now, I’m the willing recipient of any pair of socks, in any fiber that Mom wants to make for me. She’s currently working on a pair of lacy socks out of this pretty yarn.  (Although:  I don’t think she’s making this pair big enough for MY big feet…)

(That’s Heritage Sock Yarn in Tutu: $12.15 per 100g skein, a skein makes one pair of socks!) We’ve got several other solid colors, plus Heritage comes in some really yummy hand-painted variations, too.

Mom has made socks for my twin boys and my husband — and with his size 14 feet, you can imagine how big those socks are! We’ve got a number of “manlier” sock options available, including this one:

That one is ZigZag Sock Yarn by King Cole in Granite. $14.80 for a 100g skein, a skein makes a pair of socks. Plus, the colors do actually Zig and Zag as you knit the socks! Check out the other shades of ZigZag, too!

Last, but certainly not least in the sock yarn department is our selection of Opal Sock Yarns!

The photos of the skeins of yarn don’t really do them justice. The amazing patterns that are created when you knit with this sock yarn are just amazing.

I think this one is my favorite:

From the Rainforest 3 Collection, Antonia die Sinnliche. $17.95 per 100g skein, makes one pair.

Or maybe this one:

That’s Rendez-Vous, color number 2060, $17.95 per 100g skein (makes one pair!).

You’ll just have to go look at the rest to see which is your favorite:

Opal Sock Yarn

Of course, sock yarn isn’t just for socks.

The Cabbage Patch Doll’s jacket and socks are made from Wildfoote Sock Yarn, Rock and Roll. The bear’s jacket and hat were made using Opal Rainforest 3 Kasimir der Draufganger.

The jackets would fit a newborn, they are made using the Baby Surprise Jacket pattern by Elizabeth Zimmerman. I don’t have that pattern in stock (yet) but I’ll post an update as soon as I get it in stock! It does make me wonder what else you could make out of sock yarn that wasn’t socks…I’ll have to look for some more awesome patterns. All of the sock yarn we carry is washable, so it would make a great choice for a baby garment or other accessory!

Oh wait! I forgot to tell you about the Wildfoote Sock Yarn! Well, I guess you’ll just have to go look at those great colors on your own! There’s quite a few really great multi-colored options!

One last thing — if you’ve read this far, you deserve a reward! How about 15% off your order of $25 or more (before sales tax and shipping)! This coupon is good only until August 21, 2008! Use promo code: BLOG0821.

One more last thing — be sure to tell your knitting and quilting friends about me! Here’s a handy link to the shop:

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Stay tuned for future posts with more features!


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