Wool Felt Checkbook Cover Tutorial

This weekend is the Gals and Pals Event in Traer — it’s a ladies day out — complete with shopping, food, make and take projects, and lots of fun!

The theme this year is Handbag Holiday — and all of the stops during the day are handbag related.  Here at Knots & Bolts, we’ll be making checkbook covers out of wool felt.

I was cutting rectangles of wool felt, and thought I’d take a couple of pictures and post a really quick tutorial on how I made them — they are super-simple!

To start:  cut a rectangle of wool felt.  I’m cutting mine 7.25 inches by 12.75 inches.  I measured my checkbook cover and added a little bit ease and seam allowance.  It would be easy to adjust yours to fit if your checkbook is smaller or larger!

I’m using my new Bohin Mechanical Pencil to mark some guidelines.   The pencil has an eraser, but I’ve found that the marks just brush away with a little bit of rubbing with a fingernail.

The guidelines are marked 2.5 inches in from each short end and in the center.

The guides are to show you were to fold to make the pockets and also to define the space that you are going to decorate!

Next, gather up your supplies for decoration.  This weekend, I’m offering the participants several options:

I’ve got supplies for simple wool felt appliques, embroidery floss, buttons, beads and wool roving for needle felting.

This is the fun part!  Have a good time and be creative adding whatever decoration you can think of!

I’ve only decorated the front of my checkbook cover, but you can do front and back as you choose.  Just remember to stay within the guidelines that you defined in the first step.

Here are some examples:

You’ll notice an abundance of my favorite color (red!) in these examples…that’s why that last one is some brights to give some other ideas!!

When you are decorating, it’s time to fold the pockets to the inside (wrong sides together) and pin them in place.

Take them to your sewing machine and sew a quarter inch seam on each side of the checkbook cover, remember to backstitch and lock the stitches and the beginning and end of the seams.

Because this made of wool felt, the seam allowances are on the outside, the felt is not going to fray

And that’s all there is to these checkbook covers!!  If you have any questions or need clarifications on any of my pictures, please send me an e-mail — as I said before, this is a very quick tutorial, put together in just a few minutes.

Happy Sewing!!

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